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Inter-Lakes senior Cameron Daly hopes to win his second straight New Hampshire NHIAA State Divisional Championship. Daly's personal best of 15:39.90 where he was runner-up at the NH Meet of Champions is the fastest time of any D3 returners. Check out his training blog

Training blog for the week of August 17th.

Monday: Today was the first official practice of the season. We met at some trails, met the new members of the team and shared what we had been doing for training. I ended up doing about 6 miles today.

Tuesday: 6 x 90 second hill repeats today on a steep dirt road. The pace was a bit faster than goal 5k pace. Got chased down the hill by a dog today. Probably about 4 miles today.

Wednesday: Took today off in anticipation for the next two days. Hiked 3 or 4 miles today.

Thursday: Today was our second official practice. We ended up doing 8 miles in the morning. The pace was not too fast. Probably 7:30. After a post practice swim and some rest I came back and ran a workout. I did three reps of 5 minutes on followed by 5 minutes off. The loop was really hilly. About 13 miles for the day today.

Friday: Ran an easy 5 miles with my mom this morning. I hadn't run with her in a while and she was faster than I anticipated. The pace was definately sub 8. After a few hours of rest I came back and ran the same 5 mile loop I did the day before. About 10 today in total.

Saturday: I took today to recover. Ran 4 miles at a decent pace, something like 6:40.

Sunday: Sunday is almost always our long day. We call it the church or Sunday long run. Ended up doing about 12 miles today with my old teammate Trevor Colby.

Total miles for the week: 49

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